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We like to skate between the lines of traditionalism and creativity to create bespoke products that everyone can appreciate.

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We use only the latest technologies so your customers get the best experience.

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We love mobile devices. We're very experienced in catering to their needs.

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We're the cool kids. Always trying to do something different and keep ahead.

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We are digital artisans.


We can help guide you in order to make your business stand out from the rest.


We'll help you get a nice standard to give your business that professional feel.


This is our forte. We're experts at creating amazing stand out websites.


We also do a lot of work on applications, turning a pretty canvas into a journey.

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We are a small team with great skills. See the faces behind it all.

Ally Dewar

Lead Designer, Coder & Founder

I'm big on user experience and the whole customer shouldn't have to think approach. I love to plan out every little detail and try experimenting with lots of new techniques on the web.

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Our Portfolio

We are proud of what we do. This is just an example of a few of our greatest projects.

A fully featured project, encompassing everything

MateBet is an online platform merging the two worlds of Betting and Social Networking. They offer a platform for creating bets amongst friends with the friends deciding who wins a bet. It's a fun prospect in a new market that we were so excited to be involved in.

MateBet had plenty of technological challenges and an extremely strong emphasis on security. We knew it was going to be a lot of hard work, but a project well worth taking on.

We decided to build MateBet's website using a PHP a language we're really strong in. We used the Laravel framework to speed up the development process, and because we know it has such a strong focus on security.

After discussing the needs of the application, we decided on using MongoDB for the database backend as we knew there were going to be a lot of bets in different states using lots of different shards of data.

MateBet, in order to be more secure, stores as little data as possible and as a result has a lot of other peoples information passing through it. This takes a long time, so we use Redis to cache all this information.

With such a big focus on security, we made sure that everything is passed over SSL/TLS. This means everything is encrypted between the customer and MateBet.

Knowing how central social networking is to their business model, we hooked up the website with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using OAuth for authentication, a tried and tested standard.

Visit MateBet's Website

An extension to our previous work on their Website

Following our previous work on MateBet's website, we next worked on their iOS application.

This was a real hurdle for us, as we had never developed an iOS application before, but its always something we wanted to do.

The app was written in Objective-C and entirely native using a select few number of external libraries. We looked into using a framework such as Cordova and PhoneGap but nothing compares to the raw performance of a native application.

In order to communicate with MateBet's API's we setup an OAuth server, similar to those used by social networking sites. This ensures proper authentication and security between the two platforms.

The work on the app is interesting as its such a long term development with clear stages along the way.

Check it out in iTunes

An early project spawned from a project Ally first started in school!

Schorums was first conceived back when Ally was in secondary school and working on his Advanced Higher Computing end of year project.

From there Ally revisited this project for in his 4th year of University using it as the basis for a study on User Experience and User Interface Design.

As well as being an app two worlds apart from the competition it also represents where Adewra came from and it really helped form the pillars of our ethos, something we carry through every project we work on to this day.

Schorums has undergone many iterations and used multiple technologies over the years. Way too many to list. But it holds a very special place in our heart.

Visit Schroums' Website

CrownCastles was our first big customer. They came to us looking for a website to let their customers get in touch with them much easier and to let them see their vast range of products.

We started from scratch on their website, using CodeIgniter framework and PHP to help out with some of the background functionality.

The majority of our work was on the design front, working on creating a strong professional image whilst trying to illustrate fun and child friendliness. It was a real tough one as it went against a lot of our design principles, but it taught us to appreciate the vast number of audiences and the necessity to find middle ground between ourselves and clients.

As part of the remit, we also developed a pricing structure and algorithm, and implement a delivery calculator so the customer knows roughly what its going to cost them, before they make any commitments.

Visit CrownCastles

Following our work with Crown Castle, they recommended us to another business owner in their family.

We had a nicely defined remit of creating a website that was clean professional and concise, whilst still portraying the fact it was a one man business.

We opted for a nice clean one page site with bold headings and a more personal first person dialogue.

Visit Website

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